5. Forms of missionary engagement


Dr. Genevieve James, UNISA, South Africa
Canon Mark Oxbrow, Church Mission Society, UK

Aims and objectives

In recognition of the huge variety of groups, organisations, trends, methods and new expressions of church life involved in mission today, this study group has sought to discern where initiative lies in today´s missionary movements.

This study has been forward looking in assessing patterns, initiatives and developments as they emerge and considering their implications for the future. It has treated issues of mission strategy, diversity and cooperation and identify problems of conflict and misuse of resources.

Key issues and questions

1.  The primary role of the local church in mission: what does it take for the local church to become the primary missional agent through the priesthood of all believers? How is the local church related to the universal responsibility of Christian mission?
2.  What forms of cooperation are appropriate to mission today? How may reciprocal partnerships best be developed?
3.  What forms does `mission in poverty´ / `mission without power´ take?
4.  In what ways can those in centres of power receive the gift of the Gospel from missionaries who come from the disempowered peripheries?
5.  What are the implications of recent developments in cross-cultural mission: South-South, South-North? What is the future and role of the Western missionary movement? What is the future and role of the missionary movement in and from the South?
6.  The role of media in evangelization.
7.  How do we formulate mission strategy that is biblically based, theologically informed and ecclesiologically responsible, yet concrete and operational?

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