5 Forms of Missionary Engagement ~ Papers

Core Group of Study Theme 5, Oxford, June 2009 (left to right) Hun Kim, Olga Oleinik, Mark Oxbrow, Genevieve James, Lazarus Phiri, Bambang Budijanto, Knud Jorgensen, Joy Mindo. Not present: Monica Melanchthon and Jan Lenssen

The following papers have been produced so far by this study group and their wider network. They are available for viewing or download by kind permission of the authors. The papers do not necessarily represent the views of the sponsors of Edinburgh 2010.

  • Bambang Budijanto, ‘Children, The “New” Energy for 21st Century Mission’. (This paper is now published jointly by Asia Evangelical Alliance and Compassion International in Emerging Mission Movements of the 21st Century, March 2010)
  • Solomon Christian, ‘Christian Missions through Dentistry’.
  • Joon-Sik Park, ‘Evangelism and the Practice of Hospitality’.
  • Peter Fischer-Neilsen, ‘Mission and the challenge of the media’.
  • Genevieve James, ‘Mission Strategy’.
  • Jacob S. Dharmaraj, ‘Mutuality in Mission: A Missional Concept for 21st Century’.
  • Mary Lederleitner, ‘Is it possible to adhere to Western ethical and cultural standards regarding financial accountability without fostering neo-colonialism in this next era of global mission partnerships? Thoughts and reflections for broader dialogue’.
  • Lazarus Phiri, ‘North – South Mission Cooperation’.
  • Mark Oxbrow, ‘Better together : Partnership and collaboration in mission’.
  • Hun Kim, ‘Receiving Mission: reflection on reversed phenomena in mission by migrant workers from Global churches to the Western society’.
  • Jean-Paul A. Heldt, ‘Six years of teaching ESL/TESOL in China as an effective and promising form of missionary engagement in an age of secularization and globalization: Missiological opportunities, socio-cultural constraints, and future prospects for para-church tentmakers in CAA (Creative Access Areas) in anticipation of Edinburgh 2010’.
  • Olga Oleinik and Knud Jorgensen, ‘The Primary Role of the Local Church in Mission’.
  • Joy Mindoe, ‘Forms which “Mission in Poverty” / “Mission without Power” Take: Vulnerable Missions’.
  • M J Melanchthon, ‘Vulnerable Mission’.
  • Arul Siromoney, ''Mission and Worship: A Perspective'