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Resources ~ Arts and creative writing

A reflection on the journey to 2010
by Bernard Thorogood

7. Christian Communitites in Contemporary Contexts


How wise they were
when Christianity was young,
to live, share, pray, serve together.

Through dark times and lonely places
the bonds of community stayed strong,
confirmed their calling,

kept the focus clear
and strengthened the feeble knees.

How solitary we have become -
my happiness, my fulfilment, my name
as though we are unrelated spots of humanity;
my faith, my salvation, my eternal hope
as though we go it alone through life to God.

Give thanks for communities in mission,
those with sacred vows,
those with healing skills,
those with partners in prayer,
those with courage in disasters
and those whose joy has always been
the network, never the self.

Fellowship of the Holy Spirit,
nurture us, hold us, empower us, correct us
and keep us in communion for ever.


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