Edinburgh 1910 Conference

The World Missionary Conference of Edinburgh 1910 was an epoch-making event to which many different movements of mission and unity trace their roots. Selected resources related to Edinburgh 1910 are listed on this page.

Edinburgh 1910 Hymns

The feature of the 1910 World Missionary Conference which would be most remembered was its inner spiritual engine - the worship and prayer which lay at its heart. The hymns which were sung at the Assembly Hall in June 1910 might inspire you for chosing material in 2010. A list of 1910 hymns can be downloaded here.

1910 Conference Publications Online

The Edinburgh 1910 conference produced 9 volumes. Click the links below to view them online.

Volume 1: Carrying the Gospel to All the Non-Christian World
Volume 2: The Church in the Mission Field
Volume 3: Education in Relation to the Christianisation of National Life
Volume 4: The Missionary Message in Relation to Non-Christian Religions
Volume 5: The Preparation of Missionaries
Volume 6: The Home Base of Missions
Volume 7: Missions and Governments
Volume 8: Cooperation and the Promotion of Unity
Volume 9: The History and Records of the Conference

Delegates in 1910

'Rev. John Rangiah, the Unsung Hero of the World Missionary Conference in Edinburgh, 1910'
Article by Rev. Raj Bharath Patta, NCCI, Nagpur. Available (as MS Word file) here.

Reflections on Edinburgh 1910

A contemporary account and interpretation of the World Missionary Conference by W.H. Temple Gairdner can be found here

Brian Stanley, Professor of World Christianity at the University of Edinburgh, has researched the 1910 to produce his authoritative history: The World Missionary Conference, Edinburgh 1910 (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2009). For further information please visit the publisher's website. The publication is also available for purchase on Amazon.

Between 2002 and 2007, scholars of mission from around the world reflected on the reports of the eight 'commissions' of 1910 as part of the Towards 2010 process. These papers is now published as David A. Kerr & Kenneth R. Ross (eds.), Edinburgh 2010: Mission Then and Now (Oxford: Regnum, 2009). For further information please visit the publisher's website. The book was co-published by WCIU Press and is now available to a North American audience on Amazon.

The late Dr Ralph Winter wrote the following reflection on Edinburgh 1910 which is used in the study programme of William Carey International University. Download the article as a pdf file here. For further reflection on Edinburgh 1910, 2010 and the legacy of Dr. Winter, see