Programme Committee reorganised



At its meeting in April the Edinburgh 2010 General Council decided to reduce the size of the Edinburgh 2010 event planned for 2-6 June next year from 1,200 to 250.

Scaling down the Edinburgh event will, it is hoped, allow the impact of the study process to take root more effectively in the other missional events being planned in various countries for 2010. The main focus of the programme will now be on the nine study themes and the transversals, although on the final day there will be a large celebration in the Assembly Hall. The events planned for the previous days in Pollock Halls will, of course, also take place within the context of worship.

The Council renamed the Edinburgh 2010 Programme Committee as the Edinburgh 2010 Events Committee, and also revised its remit and its membership. The task of the Events Committee is to plan the content and flow of the event on the basis of the decisions of the governing bodies, with the help of the International Director, Dr. Daryl Balia, and staff and in liaison with the University of Edinburgh. The Committee plans to meet in Edinburgh on 23 and 24 June. Part of the agenda is a joint session with the University Liaison Committee.

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