First Publication of the Edinburgh 2010 Series



Edinburgh 2010. Mission Then and Now is now available from Regnum Publisher's. The book was edited by David A. Kerr and Kenneth R. Ross and offers a collection of articles on the 1910 World Missionary Conference.

Though the outcomes of the 1910 Conference have differed in many ways from the expectations of its participants, after a century its momentous significance is clearer than ever. While the colonial missionary movement went into decline, from its work emerged a world church, with deep roots and vigorous expression on every continent. As the centeneray of the Conference approaches, the time is ripe to examine its meaning in light of the past century and the questions facing Christian witness today. This book is the first to systematically examine the eight Commissions which reported to Edinburgh 1910 and gave the conference much of its substance and eduring value. It will deepen and extend the reflection being stimulated by the upcoming centenary and will kindle the missionary imagination for 2010 and beyond. For further information pease visit the publisher's website

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