Events Committee Meeting in Edinburgh



On 23 and 24 June the Events Committee met in sunny and hot Edinburgh to further shape the programme of the 2010 conference.

The meeting was attended by members of local churches and the University, as well as representatives of the World Student Christian Federation (WSCF) and the World Council of Churches (WCC). Guided by decisions of the General Council the remit of the Events Committee is to plan the content and flow of the 2010 conference. Administrative support will be given by the Office of Lifelong Learning at the University of Edinburgh. 

The 2010 conference takes place from 2 to 6 June at Pollock Halls in Edinburgh. 250 delegates will have the opportunity to discuss the past, present and future of Christian mission. These delegates will be appointed by the stakeholders of the General Council and the Study Process Monitoring Group to assure that both academics and people with a practical interest in mission are part of the convention. Stakeholders were asked to send delegates according to a quota that reflects the picture of today's World Christianity: 60% of delegates should be coming from the Global South, 50% should be women and 20% younger than 30 years of age.

The spiritual ethos of the conference focuses on elements of thanksgiving, penitence and commitment. The hope of the Events Committee is that serious theological reflection will come out of the conference as well as go into it. Beginning with worship and bible study the daily schedule at Pollock Halls commences with three working sessions on the various mission themes and transversals. Each day closes with an evening prayer led by representatives of different denominations.

On Sunday the 250 delegates will spread out to local churches, not only to take part in worship but also to start diffusing their experience and knowledge gained during the past four days. The conference then culminates in three hour worship at the Assembly Hall in Edinburgh where delegates will be joined by local and international guests. At least 850 tickets for interested visitors will be available from the Edinburgh offices by the end of this year. The details of ticket release will be published in the newsletter, on facebook and on our website.

By live streaming the Edinburgh 2010 event on the internet the message will hopefully be heard in Christian communities around the globe. The Events Committee hereby invites everyone to join the celebrations by watching online, organising local 2010 events, or simply by praying for our common cause: Witnessing to Christ Today. 

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