Search invites the World to be part of Edinburgh 2010



Edinburgh 2010 is more than a single conference that is taking place in Scotland. It is a movement and series of events that hopefully reaches Christian communities all over the world. 

The Global Events Committee wants to invite YOU to be part of the 2010 movement. You can pray for the project, watch the Edinburgh celebrations online, or even organise a 2010 event in your local community. The hope is that next June people in Asia, Africa, America, Europe and Australia are all reflecting on what it means to witness to Christ today. Further information will be provided in our newsletter and on the website.


The Global Events Committee was established in April 2009 by the General Council to coordinate and link up events in the Edinburgh 2010 spirit. Edgar Ruddock (USPG), Ruth Padilla De Borst (Latin American Theological Fellowship), Roger Schmidt (Lutheran World Federation) and Jasmin Adam (Communications Officer) are part of this team. Via Skype and online discussions the committee is currently working on a detailed participation guide. The guide will be available as download from the Edinburgh 2010 website in as many languages as possible.  

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