Interfaith Encounter from an Evangelical Perspective

09.07.10 - 09.07.10

A consultation at St. Ethelburga's on Evangelical approaches to other faiths in connection with the Edinburgh 2010 Mission Conference. With this event the organisers want to open up a space for discussing challenges, opportunities and concerns of engaging in interfaith dialogue.

After a worship service the consultation will be opened with a keynote address by Dr. Paul Hedges providing an overview of Christian approaches to other faiths. Thereafter, the importance of interfaith encounter will be discussed by the panel members Bev Thomas, Rev. Dr. Nick Wood, Dr. Daniel Strange and Dr R. David Muir. After the panel discussion workshops led by Rev. Dr. David Hilborn, Dr. Jane Clements and Dr. Helen Reid will deal with the challenges of interfaith dialogue.

In the afternoon we will focus on interfaith encounter in practice. Dr. Andrew Smith and Captains Nick and Kerry Coke will present their work as examples of Evangelical interfaith activities. There will also be an open space for exchanging experiences, needs and advice.

Click here to download the event flyer. For more information and registration visit the organiser's website.

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