Frontier, Friendship, Fellowship - The Mission of World

24.05.10 - 26.05.10
Glasgow/Stirling/Edinburgh, SCOTLAND

Dana L. Robert
Frontier, Friendship, Fellowship - The Mission of World
Christianity since Edinburgh 1910

The 2010 Alexander Duff and Drummond Trust Lectures will explore three themes important for the shaping of world Christianity since Edinburgh 1910 'frontier', 'friendship', and 'fellowship' and reflect on their continued significance for twenty-frist century mission. Dana Robert, Professor of World Christianity and History of Mission at Boston University School of Theology, is a leading historian of Christian mission, and keynote speaker at the Edinburgh 2010 conference.

  • Mission Frontiers from Geography to Justice - 24 May, 6 pm, The University Chapel, University of Glasgow
  • Friendship in the Creation of World Christianity - 25 May, 7 pm, St. Columba's Church, Stirling
  • Mission Visions of Worldwide Christian Fellowship - 26 May, 5.30 pm, Assembly Hall, The Mound, Edinburgh

For further information, download the event flyer, or contact Donald Smith at donald (at)

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