E2010 Ecumenical Pilgrimage

05.06.10 - 05.06.10
Edinburgh, SCOTLAND

The Ecumenical Pilgrimage offers delegates and visitors an invitation to reflect on what ‘mission’ means; how our sense of ‘mission’ has changed since 1910; and what ‘mission’ might mean for the 21st century.

The pilgrimage consists of a series of reflective ‘stations’ set up in the conference grounds. As we walk round the pilgrimage route, we are introduced to someone from a different corner of the world, from a different confessional family and from a different time in the 20th century. The stations provide a snapshot of the ‘unsung’ story of mission: stories of the committed lives of ‘ordinary/extraordinary’ mission pioneers.

The pilgrimage takes place from aroudn 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm on Saturday 5 June at the Pollock Halls, Edinburgh. For more info on the venue click here.

Please email jdh (at) for more information.



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