Association for Theological Education in Myanmar

16.07.10 - 17.07.10
Yangon, Myanmar

The year 2010 is the 100th Anniversary of the first WMC in Edinburgh. As a result of the  conference, untold mission history during this 100 years, and lived out by Christians in different places and of different traditions and also has resulted to form the so-called World Council of Churches which was officially founded in 1948. As a broad-based ecumenical process, Edinburgh 2010 also provides new opportunity to develop programmes with other denominations.

The ecumenical movement in Myanmar needs to review its mission and unity in this very significant event, and take opportunity to develop its mission in Myanmar context. For example, the Edinburgh 2010 question of what in our understanding and practice of mission and unity has changed or remained the same - and why - since the times of our great-grandparents in 1910 is adding special impetus to the intercultural backgrounds.

Aims and objects:

The proposed conference bears the following aims and objectives:

To remind the importance of the WMC in the mission and ecumenical agenda.

In a world that is characterized by plurality everywhere, it is essential that we learn to live constructively with differences.

To explicitly search for new expressions of mission in unity in multi-religious society utterly seriously. 

To promote the issue of interfaith dialogue in Myanmar this is part of the mission reinterpretation.

The conference can become a help or a hindrance in overcoming divisions (between churches, clergy and laity, women and men) and the equipping of congregations for mission in unity. 

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